best manuka honey

How to tell the best Mānuka Honey around?

Finding the best Mānuka Honey can be tricky.

How can you tell you are buying some of the best Mānuka Honey available? Today more than ever overseas buyers, importers and exporters are concerned about the authenticity and quality of Mānuka Honey from New Zealand. Ensuring that the best Mānuka Honey is being supplied is crucial to the growing export market.


Here are three quick considerations when making an informed choice:

UMF Licence:

The UMF Honey Association oversees all use of the UMF quality trademark and supports licensees and consumers through a number of programmes and activities. More than 100 UMF honey producers and exporters use the UMF quality trademark. Only those producers and exporters that meet strict standards for Mānuka honey purity and quality are licensed to use the UMF quality trademark.

Mānuka Extra holds the above UMF licence to ensure we are producing some of the best Manuka Honey available.

End product is manufactured here in New Zealand:

While several companies export honey in bulk, this poses a potential huge problem. Overseas buyers cannot be assured that this bulk honey is not diluted when entering the local manufacturing process. This has been known to happen.

best manuka honey
Manuka Extra jar filling

All of Mānuka Extra’s honey is manufactured in New Zealand. The jars are filled and labeled onsite, boxed and shipped to our discerning buyers. This ensures you receive the best Mānuka Honey available which is true to label.

In a future article, we will go through our packaging process in more detail. Giving you insight into a very important part of how some of the best Mānuka Honey is packaged right here in New Zealand – not bulk exported to be contaminated elsewhere, or even worse – diluted.

Reputable, Authorised Brand:

Many aspects build a reputable brand. How do you know you are getting some of the best Mānuka Honey available? What bio-science, testing and R&D does your manufacturer put into creating the honey you consume?

Ensuring you are buying from an authorised distributor is very important. It will save you time, stress and money. Shipments can held in customs and stopped at the border due to incorrect paperwork, forms, labels and tariffs if the company you are buying from doesn’t know what they are doing. Mānuka Extra is an authorised distributor who have the processes in place to ensure your shipment makes it through.

Read our upcoming articles to find out how Mānuka Extra goes further in all aspects of their brand to ensure their Mānuka Honey is some of the best around.

best manuka honey
Manuka Extra Honey

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