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Meet Ken - Manuka Extra's General Manager

Meet Ken - Manuka Extra's General Manager of Operations

Ken has been around the Manuka Honey industry sine it began. With over 20 year's experience in the honey industry, Ken brings his expert knowledge and experience to Manuka Extra.

One of the most important aspects of any Manuka Honey business is the quality of the Manuka Honey which arrives at the door. Ken has a strong network of beekeepers and enduring relationships with these very people who work the land and collect the honey for us.

Ken ensures all the honey arriving to our factory is tested and complies with Manuka Extra's own strict quality standards before it even enters the processing phase.

Manuka Extra is UMF Registered and complies with the strict controls and standards to manufacture Manuka Honey. A major part of Ken's role here is to ensure all our Manuka Honey is independently tested and approved before it is processed and sent to our distributors and customers.

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Manuka Extra General Manager Ken