About Manuka and Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a monofloral honey sourced from the Manuka tree, which grows in remote regions of New Zealand

Manuka and manuka honey

The manuka tree is native to New Zealand. Māori, the original inhabitants of New Zealand, recognised the medicinal properties of the tree and used the leaves and bark of the tree.

Eventually with the introduction of the honey bee to New Zealand the benefits of honey sourced from the manuka flower was recognised. Today manuka honey is acknowledged to contain unique compounds which are useful for assisting with a range of benefits.

Not all manuka honey has these benefits so special selection and processes are required to collect, identify and process manuka honey to ensure these health benefits are maintained.

why use manuka honey

Manuka honey is best taken either directly or mixed as part of daily diet.

We recommend a 10g serving per day.

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